Sunday, March 4, 2012

School of Athens

This painting is a really exquisite and will always pass the test of time as being one of the most celebrated paintings in history. The School of Athens my Raphael depicts of course two of the most renown thinkers in western philosophy; Plato and Aristotle. Of course Raphael knew this and that's the reason behind him putting the two in the dead center because of their importance and high influence. But of course he didn't leave out some of the other prominent thinkers of antiquity such as Diogenes of Sinope sitting just in front of Aristotle. Or even Pythagoras at the bottom left writing on annals. And it's debated, but there's said to be Alexander the Great in this painting as well-try and guess which one he is.

This painting is one of my favorites because it gives a glimpse of the genesis of thought and reason that took place in the school of Athens. Raphael truly outdid himself.

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  1. I've seen this painting a lot of times, today I learned the origin. Finally! :)