Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What is Jerusalem worth?

Ever since I watched this scene from the movie Kingdom of Heaven, I've always been intrigued by this line that Saladin delivers. In the film, the Baron of Ibelin asks the Sultan "What is Jerusalem worth?" and he replies "Nothing.......everything." To many that can be a bit of a perplexing response, but if you know a thing or two about history, you'd be quick to understand his response. The city itself has no strategic value. To empires, it's just a sitting duck on the far banks of the holy land. It would not make sense to put a military presence there, nor would it make sense to put much garrison value in the city because it is so far out of the reach of the main expansion routes. The city itself is some 100km away from the shores of the Mediterranean, so trade importance is out of the question all together, and trade is a key factor in the wealth of an empire. All in all, where Jerusalem lies, its worth is literally minuscule. But due to the thousands of years of history and legend that it holds, the worth of Jerusalem is EVERYTHING. This is the city of the prophets, of great kings. This is the city of heaven and of Jesus Christ. It is the city where Mohammad walked and of the Dome on the Rock. It is the city of Israel, of Babylon, of Assyria, of Greece and of Rome. It's worth is so immense that many men have gave their lives to her. The possession of this city is absolutely paramount that it has seen no peace because of everyone's desire for it. And so that is why even to this day, the city of Jerusalem, the city of heaven is worth absolutely everything to all the domains, religions, anthropologists, archaeologists, scholars and everyday citizens. That is why it was sought by Saladin and the Saracens, that is why it was worth both nothing and everything to him.

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  1. Incredible translation of his wise words. Thanks sincerely.

  2. Incredible translation of his wise words. Thanks sincerely.